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Mark is the Assistant Pastor in Manchester. Overseeing the weekly Grow Groups, Sunday teams, some central administration and anything else the Senior Pastors throw at him! He has been at the church since the year it started, is married to Simone they have 3 children.
What do you love about the city you live in? I love the size of Manchester. It feels like it has a similar buzz to London and yet doesn’t feel too big and being on the doorstep to some great countryside makes it the perfect place to live!
What is your favourite scripture and why? Jeremiah 32v40. God will never stop doing me good and will inspire me to live right for him – how good is that!
What is your dream holiday destination on earth or otherwise? There’s so many places I would love to go to but Canada has always been near the top of my list…no idea why but it is!
What 3 items do you always pack when you go on mission? Obviously a bible, a passport and probably a lightweight rain coat – I’ve been in too many places where it has thrown it down!

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