Today is a great day to connect with people and with God. Whether you are looking for Jesus, or maybe just to meet some friends or even have no idea why you visited our website; why not browse the site then come and visit us for a Sunday morning? Just come along, relax and let the music and teaching touch your heart. God wants to show you just how real He is.

God has an exciting plan to show all of us how good life can be. We want to help you discover that adventure with Jesus so we try to demystify Christianity and Church. You can develop a real relationship with a living God who actually wants to be involved in your life.

When you come we don’t want you to feel pressured but we would love the opportunity to get to know you. You will be given a “welcome bag” when you arrive with some info about the church relevant to the morning services. Why not also visit our VIP Connect area where you can get a coffee or tea and skip the queues. There you can chat to someone and ask any questions you may have. If you don’t have a church, our team will help you get started and find your place at GoChurch Manchester.