We are passionate about you and God’s plan for your life and want to enable you to grow into all God has for you. We believe that every person is significant and has a unique destiny. However, God hasn’t called us to live alone but to be part of something bigger.

Many of us become members of a gym or social group that we rarely go to. Partnership reflects the participation and involvement that believing in Jesus requires. Partnership also helps identify areas of the church where your abilities are best matched or where new skills can be learned.

Investing in this 4-week course will put you one step closer to fulfilling your destiny. You will meet our leadership team, discover the benefits of partnership, receive teaching on the foundations of GoChurch and experience an Encounter night.

Partnership classes are done in a modular format to help with flexibility and are held during the Sunday morning services. The courses run regularly throughout the year.

The Classes cover

  • How we got here – Our history
  • Where we are going – Our vision
  • What you can expect from us – How our church works
  • What We expect from you – Simple but clear expectations

Plus we have 4 Podcasts you listen to online that cover some basic teachings from our church that can be discussed in the classes:

To become a partner, sign up at the Info Point or pick a date below.