1. Linda Evans
    16th February 2020 @ 11:14 am

    What was it that caused these fishermen to obey Jesus and follow him ? Were they like me searching for more ! Was it his authority and manner they saw ! Jesus had not spoken to them before that time, as far as we know ! We could suppose that if nature bowed to Jesus, then the animals would sense him as well . This sense we have of nature may be the answer ! But lives were changed on that day !


  2. Karen W
    18th February 2020 @ 8:19 am

    Love this blog! When we lived in Africa, I discovered a simple life without all the distractions we have here. It was easier to get to church, so people were there every night of the week for conferences etc (although some had to walk a good few miles to get there!) Here, there are so many ways to be busy and things to do instead of going to church or spending time with the Lord. Yes, I want more of Jesus in my life, but that means being disciplined, organised and making sacrifices! Saying yes to Jesus means saying no to other things. My actions often prove that my intentions are not always the priority I would like them to be. Romans 7 comes to mind, it is comforting that even Paul had the same struggles! Thank God for His grace and faithfulness in our weakness. But I need to respond to this challenge and make those changes in routines. Thank you Ps Becci for this.


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