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Trust in God’s Faithfulness

23 June 2024

By Lara Sharlakian


Who hasn’t played the trust fall?  The trust fall is an activity in which a person deliberately falls, trusting  the group members to catch them.  This wouldn’t work if there is no trust; the person who has no trust  simply will not surrender and fall back.


The same applies to trusting the Lord.  You need to completely surrender your life, your worries, and your circumstances, and without even seeing the outcome, just trust in God’s faithfulness.  Trust that He will do what He has said.  He will catch you.  He’s got you!  You are safe!


We see that in Acts 7, Stephen did a very amazing trust fall.  Being led by the Holy Spirit, he spoke to the people and with his dying breath, he forgave them while they were stoning him, because he trusted the Lord.


You hear “life is full of disappointments” a lot.  However, saying this statement doesn't mean we're trying to be negative; it's simply a perspective shaped by experiences with family, friends, workplace, church, and life in general.  Everyone seeks happiness, yet it remains a fleeting emotion, tied to circumstances that change constantly.  We've all lived through days of soaring joy followed by deep despair.  But thank God for Jesus!


We're no longer the people we once were.  We've become new creations, as described in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come, the old has gone, the new is here!”  Instead of focusing on the situations and challenges around us, we look to our faithful Father, who promises the best for His children.  He's equipped us to move mountains in the name of Jesus Christ.


Words like hopelessness, anxiety, worry, fear, insecurity, and feeling less than have been replaced by God’s words of hope, calmness, assurance, confidence, and certainty.  Our assurance comes from His Holy Spirit, our constant companion and guide.


We're grateful to have a purpose now.  No longer wandering through life, we're driven by a mission. God created us for a purpose, set apart for good works (Jeremiah 1:5), with plans that offer hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).  We can trust in His promises because He is faithful (Hebrews 10:23).


Let me share a small story:


This story is about a girl who found herself losing her job without any prospects.  Now, looking at her circumstances and her responsibilities, panicking and worrying were the natural responses.  But this girl trusted in the faithfulness of her Heavenly Father, who promised to be her support and source of everything.  She was certain that God would provide her with a new job, better than the one she had, and much better than what she was expecting.  She trusted, believed, and surrendered this to the Lord.  She did a trust fall with God!  She did not even lose one night of sleep.  And to no surprise, our Faithful Father came through; He did provide for her.  This didn’t happen because this girl was good or deserving.  This happened because God is good, faithful, and a promise keeper!  The story you just read hasn’t been completed yet, but in Jesus' Name, it will be!


In conclusion, I encourage you to live a daily trust fall with the Lord, trusting that He will never disappoint and that His faithfulness will endure forever.