Experience God's love, grow in his love, go with his love Experience God's love, grow in his love, go with his love

Welcome to GoChurch Beirut

We want everyone to experience the unconditional LOVE of Jesus, GROW in His LOVE, and GO to tell others, "Jesus loves YOU too!"

Come join us and discover God's exciting plan for your life.

Times & locations

Second Sunday of each month at the Sin el Fil Municipality at 10.30 am, then we meet weekly in groups.

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Bible Reading Plan

In 2024 the whole GoChurch family is reading through the New Testament using a shared reading plan.

You can follow along and comment on the daily readings in the YouVersion Bible App (link only works on mobile and tablets).

Leaders blogs

Each week a leader from across the GoChurch family will write a blog introducing the daily readings.

Open up!

25 February 2024

There is an urgency to the gospel of Mark.  It’s not hard to spot when you know what you’re looking for.  Here’s an example: the writer uses the Greek word for ‘immediately’ (euthus) 41 times in the gospel of Mark!  Compare that to the gospels of Matthew and Luke, whose…

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