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Due to the current global situation with COVID-19 please check on a specific location for up to date information regarding their service times and whether the meeting is online or in a physical location.

All UK churches have meetings in house and a ticket is required to attend. Please click on the event in the section below to sign up.

In the UK our services begin at 11:00am and in Beirut the service starts at 10:30am.

Come join us and discover God's exciting plan for your life!


To find out more about an event please click on the picture. Some events are online only and some are taking place in our buildings and require a ticket to attend. We look forward to seeing you!


21 February 2021 :

14 February 2021 :
ASK pt.2

07 February 2021 :
ASK pt.1

31 January 2021 :
Vision Sunday Part 2

24 January 2021 :
Vision Sunday Part 1

17 January 2021 :
Redefined Part 2

10 January 2021 :
Redefined Part 1

06 December 2020 :
Clean House

20 September 2020 :
Wish You Were Here Pt.3

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Bible Reading Plan

We are reading through the New Testament this year. Join us and share what God is speaking to you from the reading by commenting on the weekly blog posts. These blogs are written by our leaders around the world.

Latest reading plan blog posts :

26 February 2021

Here We Grow Again

Sometimes a breakthrough comes to me through some new revelation of the Lord and His word. Mainly, though, I need to be reminded of truths that I have been told, but that I am not living with at that point in my life. As a teacher, I know the power of repetition, but even hearing something again and again doesn’t always mean living it.


Have you heard the one about the pastor starting out at his…

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