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In 2020 the whole GoChurch family is reading through the New Testament using a shared reading plan. This plan will allow you to read straight through the New Testament in one year.

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You can follow along with the readings online (using the links above), in the Bible App, or by using the printed Reading Plan bookmarks available on Sunday mornings at each GoChurch location or download here.

Reading plan group
See what others are saying about the day's readings in the YouVersion Bible App.

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Each week a leader from across the GoChurch family will write a blog introducing the daily readings.

05 August 2020

It’s all about Teamwork!

Romans 15:21 – 1 Corinthians 5

1 Corinthians 3:9 TPT We are co-workers with God and you are God’s cultivated garden, the house he is building. The KJV says we are Co-Labourers with Him.

Being a co-labourer. Does that mean we work alone? Does it mean we carry all of the responsibility? No. Being a CO-Labourer means that we have a job to do but so does our co-labourer. I am reminded of a time when I was…

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