18 June 2021

Man’s Jealousy - The Ticking Timebomb

ACTS ch. 5 v.17-42

God favoured Abel’s offering rather than Cain’s and then, out of JEALOUSY, Cain murdered Abel.

In the passage the high priest and all his associates were filled with JEALOUSY because the apostles were delivering signs and wonders and attracting many converts. They sought to put the apostles to death. Proverbs ch.6 v.34 states “For JEALOUSY is the rage of man.”

Have you ever been JEALOUS of another person’s looks, abilities, success, possessions?

If you were…

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11 June 2021

A Time For Miracles

What an amazing miracle we read in Acts 3.  It must have been an incredible sight to see the crippled man walking, jumping and praising God in the temple.


As I read this story and what happened afterwards, I began to look at this story from the crippled man’s point of view.  Often, we focus on Peter and John, the words they spoke, and the power that was released as they stepped out in faith.  However,…

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04 June 2021

Stay in Your Lane!

In life, it’s so easy to look at others and think: I wish I had what they have, I wish I was that successful, had a marriage like that, my faith walk was that good, that I’m as financially stable as those other people. 


And I guess it’s a normal reaction to others around us especially when we live in an age of social media where people only post their best bits for the world to…

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