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Here at GoChurch we want to resource you with some of the amazing teaching and training that happens across the family of churches. Each week you can watch the online services again from any of our sites or if you are out and about and want to listen to a podcast then we have loads to chose from.

As a family of churches we all follow the same bible reading plan and each week one of our leaders posts a blog relating to that week’s readings. Check it out below and sign up for the weekly emails.







09 May 2021 :
Full & overflowing pt.2

02 May 2021 :
Full & overflowing pt.1

25 April 2021 :
CAP Sunday

18 April 2021 :
Baptism Sunday

11 April 2021 :
Treasure Mapping

04 April 2021 :
Freed - Easter Unlocked

28 March 2021 :
Free 2B Part 4

21 March 2021 :
Free2b Part 3

14 March 2021 :
Free2B Part 2

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Bible Reading Plan

We are reading through the New Testament this year. Join us and share what God is speaking to you from the reading by commenting on the weekly blog posts. These blogs are written by our leaders around the world.

Latest reading plan blog posts :

14 May 2021

Love! Don't Judge

This week’s reading is full of people coming against Jesus, accusing Him of being demon-possessed and looking for ways to arrest Him. The religious leaders of the day set up one particular encounter in order to trap Him so that they could arrest Him. In John 8, we find Jesus teaching on the Mount of Olives where He is interrupted by the Pharisees who drag a woman who was caught in adultery before the crowd.

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