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Here at GoChurch we want to resource you with some of the amazing teaching and training that happens across the family of churches. Each week you can watch the online services again from any of our sites or if you are out and about and want to listen to a podcast then we have loads to chose from.

As a family of churches we all follow the same bible reading plan and each week one of our leaders posts a blog relating to that week’s readings. Check it out below and sign up for the weekly emails.







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Bible Reading Plan

In 2024 the whole GoChurch family is reading through the New Testament using a shared reading plan.

You can follow along and comment on the daily readings in the YouVersion Bible App (link only works on mobile and tablets).

Leaders blogs

Each week a leader from across the GoChurch family will write a blog introducing the daily readings.

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Sharing the Light

21 July 2024

The religious leaders of Paul’s day had a legalistic view of religion, not a relationship with the living God.  Much like many today, they had rules and regulations to go by and no one could keep all of those.  So when Paul said he lived a life of good conscience…

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