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All Things New

24 December 2023

Sun over the mountains with the words 'All things new'

I can’t quite believe that we are already on the last week of the year but here we are and reading the final few chapters of Revelation. As I read through these I was struck with the question about how I could possibly relate these to Christmas in any way but then I read the wonderful words in Revelation 21:5

“I am making everything new!”


Not only is this a wonderful promise but something that gives us great hope as we look to the future.


At the end of every year we all like to reflect on the last 12 months and see what went well and perhaps what we didn’t enjoy or what we want to change. It is an opportunity to draw a line under what has happened and start afresh. We can set plans and goals to help us achieve what we think is going to make our lives better and the next year more favourable.


However I want to reflect on the promise we read in this week’s passage…I am making everything new!


Firstly we have been made new ourselves. We are new creations, not improved or modified but brand new creations. The old has gone and what came before is no longer an influence on who we are or what our lives can be. If we still think of and hold on to the old then it will continue to affect our lives but the amazing work of Jesus on the cross and overcoming the grave has made us new.


As we end this year and start a new one let’s spend some time thinking on and meditating on our new natures. Let go of the old, the former ways and grab hold of everything that our wonderful Heavenly Father has made us! In 2024 you are a new creation and can live according to that new nature.


Behaviour follows beliefs so as we start to think right so we are going to live right! Making resolutions is a good thing but what is more powerful and will help us to live in the fullness of life that God has for us is when we believe what He has done for us and who He has made us.


The other part to this wonderful truth is that no matter what situations you have faced or lived through in the last year nothing is beyond the redemptive and transforming power of Jesus! Every situation can be changed and He wants to make everything NEW for you at this time.


There have been countless times over the years when Simone and I have faced awful situations which looked impossible and yet in each and every one we have seen the Lord completely transform them and make them new. They are not just improved but are made completely new as if the original problem or situation had not happened.


Only a few months ago we were facing something like this in a family relationship that just looked impossible and yet I stand here today in the middle of seeing the Lord work his wonderful grace to transform it so that we see it made new!


This promise is something we can hold on to and trust in because He is faithful and it is the very character of the Lord.


What is it that you are needing to see changed as you move in to 2024? Well, whatever it is that you are facing I want to encourage you to hold onto the truth that He makes ALL things NEW!


Have a wonderful Christmas and be expectant of amazing things to happen in the New Year!

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Mark Walker

Assistant Pastor
GoChurch Manchester