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Annual Review Time: My 360º Discipleship Review

07 April 2024

A hand writes 'Annual review' in blue pen

Most of us have an annual review or appraisal with our work situations or school/college. A time to review our progress, our competencies and skill development. Some organisations refer to this as a 360 review.


The whole aim of this is to encourage us, adjust any weak areas and set a plan for the coming year. We often dread these reviews but usually find the results to be better than we expected.


This week we have some really challenging scriptures to read that hit to the very core of our thinking, behaviour, and attitudes. They raise the question … “what does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?” and the follow-up … “am I living up to that description?”


We can see this as a “challenge” with all the negative vibes that the enemy brings to condemn us OR we can think of it as our annual review with our Heaven Father. A review with someone who loves us so much He sent His One and Only Son to die for us. Someone who is completely invested in us and promises to complete the work He started in us.


We know the command from John 13:35 “to love one another so that the world knows you are my disciples”. That just isn’t possible in the natural but we are NOT in the natural. We have the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the love of God has been poured into our hearts” (Romans 5:5)


This week we are encouraged to:

  • Let our light be seen by all who enter our lives (Luke 11:33)
  • Check our testimony & witness about Jesus (Luke 12:8-9)
  • Be faithful with what we have been entrusted (Luke 12:48)
  • Demonstrate the Kingdom of God like mustard seed or yeast does (Luke 13:1-21)
  • Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom (Luke 13:24)
  • Humble ourselves in public settings (Luke 14:8-11)
  • Count the cost of being a disciple & reset our love priorities (Luke 14:25,33)


Its annual review time … we will pass the test … He who began the work in us will complete it … so let’s work with Him this week. Thank you Holy Spirit for reminding us of the Truth, giving us wisdom and revelation, bringing us into the fullness of all Christ has done for us.

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