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20 November 2022

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In this week's reading, we see many choices that could have changed the outcome of history.  I began to ask, what if Joseph had said, "No, I don’t want to take Mary as my wife.”  Or even, "I don’t want to get up in the middle of the night and take my family to Egypt."  What if even just one of the wise men had ignored God‘s directions to go another way and had returned to Herod?  When we consider these possibilities, do you see how things could have gone badly with just one different decision?


As we begin to make our own plans, are we willing to listen to the Holy Spirit when he tells us to make changes to our plans?


I had to learn this in a very clear-cut manner a couple years ago.  There was a moment when the Holy Spirit was warning me not to pursue a situation in my life that looked really good.  It seemed to check all the boxes and could be wonderful... or not. 


The Holy Spirit finally had to get very clear with me when I was not fully paying attention to and obeying his leading.  I just didn’t want to give up what he was telling me not to do.  He finally had to ask me, "Do you want this choice to cost you your dream?"  Ouch!  No way!  He was compassionately warning me of the danger of my disobedience.  I did listen, and because I listened to the Holy Spirit, I did not have to suffer the devastation that would have come from ignoring him.  But I know that I am walking in the beautiful path that God has prepared for me.


Sometimes we may never see the potential harm, but we must trust that God is leading us to the rich, rewarding, joy-filled life that he has planned for us.  I am so thankful He sees ahead and knows the results of our decisions.  God tells us that He goes before us to prepare the way for us, smoothing the rough spots, bringing down the mountains and raising the low spots.  He tells us He will be with us and not to be afraid.


Jesus could have said to John the Baptist, "You’re right.  Let me baptise you."   But that was not God’s direction and would have gone against what God told him must be done.  Since this was Jesus’ moment of anointing and the beginning of his ministry, we can see that this would have been very costly. 


And ultimately, Jesus had that choice again at the cross.


Wow!  Look at those choices people had.  Each one had a positive or a negative end.  Aren’t you glad all these people made the right choices or repented of their wrong choices to bring them back into fellowship with God?  Those choices ultimately affected eternity for you and me.


I want to bring my Heavenly Father great joy, don’t you?  I know you do.


A great question to reflect on and discuss with your family: How do we listen to the Holy Spirit so that we can walk out His beautiful plans for us and bring God joy?


What are your scriptures to remind yourself that God is leading you into good things?  Here are a few: Deut. 1:29-31, Isaiah 45:2; 52:21, Psalm 103:5

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