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Favour Like a Shield

23 July 2021

Close up of a part of a round celtic shield

In Acts 27 Paul, having been arrested earlier, is being sent to Rome. He is put on a boat and shipped out. At one port Paul has favour with Julius, the Roman commander, who shows Paul kindness letting him go ashore to friends to have his needs be taken care of. Later as they continue to sail, an Angel tells Paul that the boat is going to sink but that God will save him and the crew if they stay onboard. God shows Paul favour by protecting him in the wreck. Next the soldiers wanted to kill the prisoners so they wouldn’t escape, the commanding officer wanted to spare Paul so didn’t let them harm the prisoners, showing favour to Paul. While being shipwrecked on Malta a deadly snake bites Paul, not only does he live but he went on to pray for many people that received healing, if that isn’t favour I don’t know what it is!

In Psalm 5:12 (NIVUK) it says:

Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous;

you surround them with your favour as with a shield.

What is favour? It can be defined as generosity, mercy, favouritism, or partiality. God shows partiality and favouritism to the righteous. If you are a believer you have been made righteous; Romans 3 tells us that when it says we are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ.

It is not just something we see in the Bible. I have seen God’s favour on my life more times than I can count. Over this last year there have been a lot of ups and downs at the college I work for. At one point I was told I was losing a third of my hours. That is a big cut to the paycheque. I put it in God’s hands and not long after my hours were reduced I was contacted by the principal to say they were in need of someone to take on some extra work to cover a position that couldn’t be filled until September. God surrounded me with favour. I ended up with the exact same hours, no cut to my paycheque. 

During Pauls travels to Rome he was shown favour like a shield. He was looked after, saved from drowning, protected against those who wished him harm and from the deadly snake. No matter what came, God showed Paul favour and took care of the situation. God has done the same for me and he will for you too. No matter the situation, big or small. Ask God to show you His favour.

As you are going through the week and things happen, situations arise, remember God blesses the righteous, you are righteous in Him, and He will surround you with favour like a shield. You have God’s favour surrounding you!

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Jenn MacKay
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