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It Doesn’t Fit Inside of a Little Bottle

04 February 2024

A short stone bottle with a lid that is hat-shaped

In Matthew 26:6-10, we see a glimpse of the eternal.  This woman, as she is described by her gender only, came to Jesus with one purpose, which was to take her precious and finite earthly treasure and use it to honour the Son of God.  When she came into the room, all of the attention moved from what was previously focused on to this sacrificial offering that was not only poured out from the bottle but of her tears as she anointed the Lamb of God. 


What an honour to take what the world has given us and to use it to honour Him.  You see, our most valuable earthly possessions pale compared to honouring Christ.  I can recall a time when I thought I had nothing to give; I had nothing that could benefit someone else, but that simply wasn’t true.  You see, there is a gift that has been placed inside of you that the Lord is waiting for you to pour out as an offering to Him; it is a precious treasure that was bestowed upon you so that it can make an eternal impact.  Every believer has something valuable to surrender at Jesus' feet.  We may think our talent, time, or influence too meagre; but placed in the Master's hands, He multiplies even the smallest gift for eternal glory.


What she gave may have fitted in a little bottle to begin with, but as she poured out that offering, it was multiplied and brought back to her as increase, and now, more than 2,000 years later, we read about the account of one woman's willingness to be used by God.  The fragrance of her offering still presents a sweet smell today.

Don’t hold onto your bottle too tightly.  Just as this precious perfume would have evaporated if the woman hung onto the bottle tightly, the gifts God has placed in us can stagnate unless we freely give them away in service of Him.

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Julie Hattabaugh
Lead Pastor
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