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It’s all about Teamwork!

12 August 2020

Romans 15:21 – 1 Corinthians 5


1 Corinthians 3:9 TPT We are co-workers with God and you are God’s cultivated garden, the house he is building. The KJV says we are Co-Labourers with Him.


Being a co-labourer. Does that mean we work alone? Does it mean we carry all of the responsibility? No. Being a CO-Labourer means that we have a job to do but so does our co-labourer. I am reminded of a time when I was working at a restaurant, it was time for the restaurant to close and we all had a job to do, at closing we all had to leave the restaurant at the same time to ensure safety. Well I jumped in and knocked my job out because I was ready to leave, however one of my co-workers was talking on the phone and enjoying an evening laugh. When I finished my job, I was stuck waiting for him to finish his work, he began to tell me that I should help him. I responded that I had done my part, I had completed the work, all that was left to do in order for our day to conclude was for him to do his part.


I often think back on this time and wonder if that is what God is doing right now. He is my Co-Labourer. I know there are times when I have gotten distracted, where I have just had a lazy day and not wanted to do anything, when those days come I think of this, I think of the time I was waiting, my job was completed and I was waiting for this person that had wasted time and how I felt.


But thank God for his great patience with me. I know that God wants me to take time to enjoy this precious life He has given me, I know God is not sitting there judging my every action, why? Because Jesus is right there constantly interceding for me.


We have a job to do, we have our part. God is faithful and just, He has prepared a way for all to come into relationship with Him. Now we must do our part to bridge the gap, to make His love clear to the lost and broken in the world. There is no greater time than this, God has done His part, He is now faithfully waiting for you and me to complete our part so that we can all be reunited together. Let’s get this job done so we can go home!!

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