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Open Doors

14 May 2023

As I read the chapters for this week, it was exciting to me how many government leaders Paul was able to witness to! 


Paul was held as prisoner for many years because he loved Jesus and was not discouraged by being bullied by those who opposed the gospel.  Some political leaders initially wanted to be bribed and wanted favour with the opposing people.  We can also see that God was constantly opening doors for Paul because we see there were many times when officials were using this opportunity to hear the gospel in a safe space. 


Paul could have become hard-hearted toward them for keeping him in prison, but he did not.  That is a challenge to us in itself, to stay tenderhearted under persecution at any level.  However, Paul continued to share the gospel with them.  Such godly patience!


We each have our part to play in the work of spreading the gospel in the world today.  Even if we do not see this gifting to speak to government officials in ourselves, we can and should be praying for favour and open doors for those who do have the positions: giftings and abilities to reach those in these areas of influence.  We can also ask God to prepare the hearts of those leaders and those who He has placed in our paths each day. 


What do we pray?  It could be something like Paul’s prayer here: 


“To open the eyes and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.“  (Acts 26:18)


Do you have someone you have been sharing the gospel with for a long time and who still has not made a declaration of faith in Jesus?  Let the word encourage you.   Keep sharing Jesus and don’t get discouraged.


 “The Word of God never fails.”  (Luke 1:37)


Let’s make it a point to pray daily for the hearts of our national leaders and also those friends and people around us who need Jesus.  And then be bold and confident to share the love of Jesus as God brings people across our paths.  Let’s step through those open doors and share Jesus!

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Dawn Adams

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