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23 October 2020

Colourful felt letters spelling out 'thankful'

Today my daughter, Emily, asked for a snack. She absolutely loves eating tortilla wraps and stood in the kitchen with great delight as I got one out for her. She squealed with excitement as she received her favourite food, and proceeded to stuff what seemed like more than physically possible into her mouth at once. She beamed. Her face lit up. 


As she was eating, I opened a packet of crisps.


Bad move mumma!


Emily immediately ran over to me asking for a crisp. You can imagine her response when I said no because she already had a wrap. The delight swiftly turned into upset and the tortilla wrap was viciously cast across the floor amid high pitched screams only ever heard coming from a toddler not getting their own way. 


We may laugh at this now, but in 1 Timothy 6:6-8 the Bible warns us not to act in the same way, not to chase more and more, bigger and better (latest gadgets being released, or desperately following the latest trends spring to mind), but to be content in every situation, with whatever we have. 


Does it mean God won’t provide for us? No! He is faithful to His Word which says He will supply ALL our needs according to His glorious riches in Heaven (Philippians 4:19)


But God looks at the heart! Is your heart seeking after Him? Are you satisfied with what you have, because you know God is with you, working through you, in you and FOR you? Does your job affect your time with the Lord? Does it distract and detract from your time with your church, the body of Christ?


Where we invest both our time and our finances can show our heart. What are we valuing, what are we chasing for? If we learn to be content with the good that we have, we are showing God that HE is enough for us! 


Part of cultivating this contentment is to have a thankful heart. Like many, I have always prayed and thanked God before every meal. Whether it’s left overs, beans on toast or a lavish meal out, being thankful for what is in front of me has taught me to be content. 


Can we apply that same theory to the rest of our lives? Is there an area in your life you struggle to trust God with or be content in? Start thanking Him for what you DO have! 


Remember being content in every situation is showing that you trust God and are thankful for all that He has done and has given you!

Photo of Becci Linscott

Becci Linscott
Lead Pastor
GoChurch Liverpool