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Wait and ask!

12 June 2020

A reserved parking space

A few months ago, Claire and I were invited out to a meal to celebrate one of our Iranian brothers completing his court appearance. The court case was hard, the judge and prosecution asked difficult questions but the brother did well. We walked out with a sense of hope, knowing and confessing the Lordship of Jesus over the case. That night as we drove to the restaurant to celebrate the weather was foul, raining heavily and windy. Everywhere was packed and there were no car park spaces but Claire and I just prayed in our normal way, thanking our Heavenly Father for a space but with the extra request … outside the restaurant. As we drew near to the restaurant a car pulled out of a space and we parked opposite the door. Two steps and we were inside.


The Iranian brothers were amazed until we told them about our prayer. There was much laughter about our boldness until we said that was how we had prayed about the court case earlier. If our God cared enough to give a parking spot outside a restaurant just because it was raining. Then how much more would He look after His son, our brother’s court case.


That night we celebrated! 2 weeks later the judgement confirmed what we already knew … Our God is awesome and fulfils His Word every time.


Jesus told the disciples to wait. He appeared to over 500 disciples (1 Corinthians 15:6) but only 120 took the time to wait and pray in the upper room. This amazes me every time I read this passage. 500+ encounters with the risen, resurrected and glorified Lord Jesus but still only 1 in 4 were willing to humble themselves to wait and pray. Those that waited and prayed received the privilege of not just watching Pentecost happen but actually being part of the process. Our Heavenly Father loves to reward faith!


During this month of June, I believe our Lord Jesus wants us to listen to His instructions and pray in line with those instructions, asking our Heavenly Father to fulfil His promises. To wait and ask but knowing the answer is on the way.


What wonders await us this month? What miracles will we see? We can be confident of this … if we ask … He will give us what we ask for … especially the Holy Spirit in new ways.


Never prayed in tongues? Just ask! Stuck with the same tongues? Ask for new languages!


Car park spaces are a sign … God wants to do more than we can ask or imagine! so let’s start asking … and believing!






Day 167 (June 15)
Acts 1


Take 5 mins to pray in tongues today & just give thanks for Him choosing you. Then post a prayer emoji once you have done this! We are going to build this up across the week.
If you don’t yet pray in tongues, ask today according to Jesus’ promise & start thanking him for his gift. Today is breakthrough day for you. Begin to use the gift & post a Smile emoji.



Day 168 (June 16)
Acts 2:1-13


The disciples prayed in diversities of tongues. Ask Jesus for a new tongue today & let the Holy spirit expand your gift. Take 10 mins to pray in tongues & use that new language. Post a dancing emoji when completed.
Don’t forget to write down any words/ideas in your daily journal. Then if you want, share what God said.



Day 169 (June 17)
Acts 2:14-47


When was the last time you took time to consider your dreams? Why not ask the Holy Spirit to inspire & infuse your dreams. Don’t forget to ask for interpretations.
PS. Asking the Holy Spirit is not the same as opening yourself up to voices/demons etc. Post a halo emoji and don’t forget to pray in tongues for 10 mins.



Day 170 (June 18)
Acts 3


Pray for your family/neighbours/friends etc asking Jesus for boldness & wisdom as you ask for opportunities to lay hands on the sick. Pray for one person in tongues for 15 mins. Then look for those moments.



Day 171 (June 19)
Acts 4:1-22


Untrained in the eyes of the world but qualified by the Holy Spirit the early disciples only had the OT to work with & prove Jesus was the Messiah. Do you know 5 scriptures from the OT you could use to answer the religious leaders? Post 1 of them. (Note: Pastors don’t post too quickly). Have you set your timer to pray in tongues today?



Day 172 (June 20)
Acts 4:23-37


The early disciples needed boldness even after receiving the Holy Spirit. When have you needed & found boldness as a result of prayer? Please tell us how you got on!
Hint: Praying in tongues helps!



Day 173 (June 21)
Acts 5:1-16


Faith depends on God’s Word. Have you any funny stories of times when you tried to copy someone else’s faith. How did it go? We assume you received mercy otherwise you couldn’t answer this one! Hint: Almost all of us have tried it!!



Reminder: Keep setting your timer and keep praying in tongues.

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