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Walking In Peace

12 February 2023

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The Bible says in Romans:


‘The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.’ Romans 8:6


Are you walking in peace today?  Would you like more peace in your life?  If that’s the case, perhaps you need to ask yourself a question: Who is in charge of my mind?


For the Kingdom of God to be fully established in us we need to allow the Holy Spirit to govern every aspect of our lives, and it all starts with our thinking!  Now in order for that to happen we need to surrender control over our thoughts to the Spirit.


I have realised that there are areas of my thinking where God’s Truth has totally taken control and I walk in complete peace in these areas; however, there are still areas when at times my flesh still wants to take control and when I allow it, then the inevitable happens: I end up losing my peace.    


I was asking my Heavenly Father to help me with this and I heard Him saying to me you need to trust me!


Trust is key for a successful government.  A prime minister/president/ruler will not be able to govern a country unless people trust him/her and even once the government is established, if people lose trust there can be political instability and a government can be forced to change.


The same happens with our thinking.  When we make the decision to let our flesh (our will, our emotions, our intellect) take control over our minds, we are saying to our Lord, I don’t trust you so I am going to take control of this (government) myself!  (Ouch!)


‘Some trust in chariots and some in horses.  But we will remember and trust in the name of the Lord our God.’  Psalms 20:7


This psalm remind us that even though some people might place their trust in other things (money, qualifications, position, etc.) we (Christians) are to remember and trust our Lord.


In your daily life, you might choose not to trust someone because you might think that person does not have good intentions, or is not qualified or experienced enough.  However, we are talking about our Heavenly Father who knows exactly what we need, who wants to bless us over and above what we can ask or imagine, the Creator of heaven and earth!  You can fully trust Him (you would be crazy not to) because He cares for you and me.


So every time you feel you are losing your peace, have a quick check: What have I been thinking?  Is the Lord in control of those thoughts?  Or was my flesh in control?  And then give your Heavenly Father back control over your mind, trust Him and stay in that place of peace.    


For me this is a daily decision.  There are areas of my thinking where this is almost automatic, but there are others where I need to be intentional, to go back to what the scriptures say about that situation or about myself, take hold of it and allow the Spirit to correct my thinking.


Perhaps take some time this week and identify any areas of your life where you are not walking in peace.  Is there any wrong thinking that needs to be corrected?  Is the Spirit governing your mind in that area or is your flesh in control?

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Alicia Sanchez
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