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Will you wash those stinky feet?

29 May 2020

This week’s bible readings have so many wonderful truths in them that too be honest when I sat down to write this blog, I was left a bit unsure about what to focus in on. There is the wonderful truth that the Holy Spirit would come and be our helper. Then there is the amazing reality that as we stay connected to Jesus, we will produce much fruit. Finally, the last few verses promise us that we will face trials in our lives but Jesus has overcome every one so we can stay in a place of peace no matter what is going on. All of these would have made great blog topics but I want to focus on a truly outstanding act that Jesus showed.


In Chapter 13 we read all about when Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. This act of humbling himself in front of his followers is amazing. What makes it stand out more when I read it this time was that Jesus did it from a place of knowing he had complete authority over everything. In verse 3 we read that “Jesus knew that the Father had given him authority over everything and that he had come from God and would return to God”. This wasn’t just a random act of serving but a deliberate choice made from the position of knowing he was the son of God.


Every step on his journey, leaving heaven and coming as a man, washing his disciples’ feet, then laying his life down for us, was a continual deliberate showing of his love for us. He started by giving, lived a life of giving and even today is the same, giving to us by ever living to intercede for us (Hebrews 7 v 25).


From this position of being the highest authority Jesus lowered himself by kneeling down and served the very people who should have been serving him.


At that point he chose to serve the brothers who had argued about who was the greatest. He served those who had struggled with their faith. He served the one who would have doubts. He served the one who would despite his protests, deny him. He served the one who was stealing from him and a few hours later would betray him. It is not just that Jesus served from his position of being the top person but who he chose to serve. Jesus knew all these things about the disciples and yet still chose to humble himself and serve them – Wow!


The disciples were far from perfect, in fact when you look at that list you might be forgiven for thinking that we are just like them in many ways, and the truth is Jesus chose to serve you.


This is truly an amazing thought, and the next step is for us to go and do the same. You see it doesn’t matter what position you hold in the church, your family, your work place or neighbourhood, we are called to be like Jesus and serve others. The biggest thing here though is that we are not just to serve the ones who are nice or perfect but anyone God puts in front of us. That could quite possibly mean that we are to serve people we know are letting us down, going to say bad things about us, treat us meanly or even trying to rival us for a job. This is what Jesus did with the disciples and this is what we are called to do.


How do we do something so massive? Well, we fix our eyes on Jesus. Keep in mind what He did, not just for the disciples, but for us because whoever knows how much they are loved will love much, and really what Jesus did was just demonstrate that love.


Don’t think about what they are like to you, don’t focus on the smell(!) but focus on what Jesus is like to you and then copy his example.


Have a think and see if there is anyone you need to serve this week and then go do it!





Day 153

John 12 v 20-50


Tell us about a truth in the bible that one day you suddenly saw and changed your life.



Day 154

John 13 v 1-17


How easy do you find it to ‘wash the feet’ of others? What’s your top tip to help you in having a right heart attitude in serving?



Day 155

John 13 v 18-38


Jesus used the gift of words of knowledge. When have you used this gift?



Day 156

John 14

The Holy Spirit is our helper. What practical ways do you rely on him for help?



Day 157

John 15


What fruit are you seeing because you remain connected to Jesus?



Day 158

John 16 v 1-15

What have you seen in the reading today?



Day 159

John 16 v 16-33

When has your sorrow been turned into joy?

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