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You’ve Been Made NEW; It’s Time To LIVE New…

11 June 2023

A student at graduation

The old life is gone—and see—a new life has begun! 2 Cor 5:17


As I scroll through Facebook, I see parents from all over the world celebrating their children's graduation. What a wonderful occasion, one that I remember well. As a parent myself, I know what inevitably follows - the graduation marks the beginning of your child leaving the nest. The once boisterous celebrations become eerily quiet, and parents who have worked tirelessly to raise their children suddenly find themselves unprepared to let them go so they can enjoy this wonderful new season of life. 


Matt & I have lived overseas for nearly 30 years. Home has always been wherever my kids and Matt are. But coming to Beirut was one of the most challenging places I have served, and it took me some time to understand why. After much reflection, I realized that this was the first country where I did not have my children with me. My nest was empty.


I started to realize that my identity had been wrapped up in being a full-time mother. Now, I was face to face with this big change and I was still trying to grasp on to my old life.  My life seemed empty and so different; I didn’t realize why everything seemed so difficult. 


Thankfully, with Matt's help and spending time in the Word, I eventually realized that a new season was here, and I was supposed to step into a new season. As I reflect on this experience, I went back to find those things that helped me to let go of the old and step into the new:


  1. I had to take my eyes off myself: It is important to remember that we are only stewarding our kids. They are Gods children and He has so much life awaiting them that they need to experience. Only when they leave will they begin to have these new experiences. 
  2. I had to find new purpose: The first step was the hardest, but as I took one step, God began to unfold new steps. I started by creating a vision board that outlined my goals, aspirations, and desires. Then I had to be deliberate to achieve them. For example, I began learning Arabic, playing the piano every day, and investing more time in prayer.
  3. I started looking forward to spending more time with Matt: He had taken a back seat during the years of raising our children, but now it was time to reignite that spark. He was so excited to finally get my full attention. It was time to make some memories that were just for the two of us.


It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, widowed, or facing a career change, we will all come face to face with a new season that can be challenging. It’s essential to acknowledge that no matter what you do to shift your focus from your old life to your new life, it won't change the initial feelings of sadness. You will grieve what you've lost. One phase of your life is over, and it’s time to step into this new season.  


Coming to terms with this new season can be tough, but spending time in His presence and realize that God will give you new grace for each season. He has already gone ahead of you to prepare a fresh new life as we let go of the old and grab hold of the new life He has for us.

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