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Bible Reading Plan

In 2024 the whole GoChurch family is reading through the New Testament using a shared reading plan.

You can follow along and comment on the daily readings in the YouVersion Bible App (link only works on mobile and tablets).

Leaders Blogs

Each week a leader from across the GoChurch family will write a blog introducing the daily readings.

It Doesn’t Fit Inside of a Little Bottle

04 February 2024

In Matthew 26:6-10, we see a glimpse of the eternal.  This woman, as she is described by her gender only, came to Jesus with one purpose, which was to take her precious and finite earthly treasure and use it to honour the Son of God.  When she came into the…

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Game of life!

28 January 2024

What’s your favourite game?  I remember how our daughter used to love playing the “Game of Life” with her grandma just to see how many children she could collect!  The aim of the game is actually to collect as much money as you can, although in the old version of…

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Childlike Faith

21 January 2024

By Julia Post


Can you imagine the excitement of standing with Jesus—the most important “influencer” and teacher of all time??  Just being in His presence in a crowd must have felt electric.  As the disciples were already vying for the title of “greatest” (Matthew 18:1), being the ‘inside guys’ in the…

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