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Bible Reading Plan

In 2024 the whole GoChurch family is reading through the New Testament using a shared reading plan.

You can follow along and comment on the daily readings in the YouVersion Bible App (link only works on mobile and tablets).

Leaders Blogs

Each week a leader from across the GoChurch family will write a blog introducing the daily readings.

Sandstone steps

Walking by Faith

26 May 2024

By Miranda Lester


The details surrounding the death and resurrection of Lazarus can vary.  We do know that Jesus was alerted that one of his ‘dear friend was very sick.’  Jesus delayed his coming to the family, staying where he was for the next two days.  The situation presented before him…

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U.S. one way sign

Whose Agenda Are You Following?

19 May 2024

By Rachel Melhado


In this week’s passage of scripture from the gospel of John, Jesus plainly tells us who He is - the Good Shepherd.  He gives His resumé - the door leading to eternal life, leader and protector of His flock, who lays down His life for them and who…

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A man fishing from rocks

The One that Didn’t Get Away

12 May 2024

Have you ever heard the phrase “The one that got away”?  Most of us have heard it in reference to a lost love, but did you know the origin of the saying comes from the sport of fishing?  It originally referred to how the biggest and best fish always seems…

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