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A New Year, A Fresh Anointing!

02 January 2022

A signpost reading 'start'. In the background is a road.

In the beginning God started with Himself, the Word. Everything flowed out of who He is. He was, is and will always be the One full of life, who gives life to everything.


As we start this New Year, take a moment to speak life, revelation and grace over our families and our church. This year we are going to be growing in knowledge and grace each day as we spend time in His life-giving Word.


Out of His fullness we have all received one blessing after another, or grace in place of grace (John 1:16). So, this year is going to be our best year ever, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. As we start with Him each day, everything else is going to flow out of that life-giving, grace-releasing encounter.


This is a year for us to set our faith at a higher level. In John 2, Mary is the initiator of the miracle. Her words are based on her knowledge of Jesus. The servants don’t know what she knows, so she instructs them to listen and obey everything Jesus says. She doesn’t have a “word from the Lord” but she does know Him. Life flows from Him, so whatever He says is going to produce life. Her faith in Him releases the miracle.


Nicodemus knew the truth but still thought naturally (John 3). Jesus unpacks the spiritual reality; everything flows from Him. Unless we are born-again, we are naturally based. Unless we have the Spirit, we are naturally based. All life flows from Jesus. This is our confidence; we know and live in Him. Each day this year we are going to have His Word for the day as our starting point. Each day this year we are going to increase in grace.


This is what the Samaritan woman discovered (John 4). Her and our walk with God is relationship based. Spirit and truth working together in us and through us, affecting our villages, towns and cities. Our work is to do the will of the Father and finish His work. The fields are ripe for harvest. This is going to be our best year because everything starts with Jesus.


This is not just a Bible Reading Plan, this is a life-imparting, grace-releasing and salvation-generating time with Jesus, every day.

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Alan Morton
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