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You Are Cordially Invited

26 December 2021

A signpost to a wedding

Wonderfully blessed are those who are invited to feast at the wedding celebration of the Lamb!”

Revelation 19:9 (TPT)


We have received invitations to some amazing weddings here in the Middle East. A few years ago, a young couple whom we had just met, invited us to their Lebanese wedding. When I received the invitation, I was surprised as we had only met a few months before. After going to their wedding, I am so glad that we were invited! What a spectacular extravaganza and a true celebration of this couple becoming one. I’m so glad I received an invitation!


Middle Eastern weddings are unlike any weddings I have been to. You can expect to see lots of beautiful flowers all throughout the home of the couple. Then a reception room flooded with flowers, plenty of food, lots of dancing and music that makes you feel like you stepped into a movie.


The newlywed couple make an elaborate entrance to a reception surrounded by drums and dancers, with loud high-pitched cries of friends expressing happiness and then the food begins.


Middle Eastern cultures are all about the food, and this comes through at their weddings. You can guarantee that the weddings will have a truly scrumptious feast that will fill you until you burst. You will then prepare yourself because a long night of dancing is always on the agenda. To top off the evening you can expect fireworks and the wedding cake to be cut with an actual sword. These Middle Eastern weddings are truly bucket list experiences!  If you ever get invited to one you must go!


The Bible tells us of the feast of the wedding celebration of the Lamb that is being prepared for all of us even now.  This banquet will be even more spectacular than any of the amazing weddings you or I’ve attended.  He says it’s ready and is happening soon! This is a banquet that no one will want to miss – I guarantee it!  You will want to attend this wedding feast.


What’s even more exciting is that all of us have been given invitations to hand out!! We’ve been given permission to invite anyone we want. Let’s be sure to invite as many people as possible. 


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Julie Beemer
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