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Chosen Generation!

24 April 2022

A photograph of a group of middle eastern girls faces

Do you remember the anticipation of being in the queue for a playground or PE lesson game?  We all wanted to be chosen, right?  Well, God has chosen each one of us to be here in this time, with a distinct position to fill and a part to play. 


In the last few years, I have been given time to re-evaluate the direction of my life to make sure I'm heading in the direction of what I know God has chosen me to do.


As I have navigated through life, I can say that I have fitted into various places at various times and each place has played a part in fashioning me for the unique place that God has for me.  I am being made better and stronger with each experience and I am thankful that God’s plans do not change just because our life circumstances change.  


As I was reading 1 Peter and considering this amazing young generation today, a question that was impressed in my heart was, “Am I doing all I can to help this upcoming generation to be living stones worthy of use by the Master Builder?”  


This challenged me to focus on helping them to develop strong character so they can be living stones worthy of the place God has designed for them.  I have been blessed to witness lately to a generation of teens with a heart to teach the younger children to love and worship God!  What an exciting time to be alive!  


Have you thought of the fact that you were chosen and that you are to be an active part of the building plan of God?


Each generation has its assignments, and we sow into the upcoming generations with our prayers, encouragement, teaching, and active participation in what they are becoming and doing today.  


I encourage you to find your place in building this young generation of world-changers today.

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Dawn Adams
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