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The Netflix Effect

01 May 2022

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By Luke Meehan

The scripture that inspired this blog is 2 Peter 3 Verses 8-9.  


“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends, With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.  The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise as some understand slowness.  Instead, he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” 


In the West, our craving for everything to be pre-packed, boxed off and ready to go has hindered our tolerance for anything that forces us to wait patiently.  Our measuring stick of what constitutes 'quick' is getting shorter and shorter. 


Take the way we watch TV in 2022 and how different it is from just 6 years ago.  I remember excitedly waiting for the latest episode of my favourite TV show to come back around on its weekly, prime time slot; talking with friends about what we think the twist might be; building excitement to finally discover how the hero of the story would bring back the balance of good.  Cliff hangers were welcomed with admiration and applause.  To our younger readers this may seem like a foreign language.


There are around 29 million homes in the UK and in 2020, Netflix released its most recent report which stated they had just surpassed 15 million UK subscribers.  That equates to roughly half  of all households in the UK having a Netflix subscription.  And that does not take into consideration the thousands of Netflix fans who watch using their brother's, niece's, friend's, dog’s account… come on, you know who you are!


Millions of people now have a full TV series to watch at their fingertips.  The need to wait for the next part of the story to be revealed will soon be extinct.  We need everything NOW.  The other day I ordered something on Amazon Prime and in less than 6 hours it had been delivered to my front door. 


We need to guard our hearts and make sure this desire for NOW NOW NOW does not become a stumbling block, stopping us from receiving the promise of God because we have lost the ability to wait patiently.  


The scripture says a thousand years are like a day to God, and a day is like a thousand years.  We cannot fathom God’s timing.  It is a beautiful mystery.  But one thing I know for sure is His timings are perfect.  If God has spoken, it will come to pass . If God has promised you healing, it will come to pass.  If God has promised salvation for the person you have been praying years for, salvation will come.  God’s timing is full of mercy, as it says, “He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance”.  The Father is incredibly patient with us.  Let us be patient in faith, actively seeking His righteousness as an act of trust and thanksgiving. 



As a family or with a friend discuss and agree an area of your daily lives where you can better practise patience.  Perhaps for a week you choose to wait for the next episode of your favourite show rather than binge watching.  

Secondly, pray and ask God to reveal to you a promise you have received that you may have given up on because you felt like nothing was happening or felt it was being too “slow”.  Repent and ask God to fill your heart with expectation and patience.  And begin to actively seek and pray into the promise that God wants you to receive.       

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Luke Meehan
GoChurch Liverpool Team