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Come Let Us Sing!

06 March 2022

A group of Samoan kids worshiping.

The love of singing has had a great impact on my life growing up. Our evening family devotions usually started with a worship song, acapella style, led by my dad and it is one of the most treasured memories I have. In fact, you would hear all the other families in my village singing and worshipping during their family devotions.  It’s a big part of my Samoan Culture.


Whenever our country participates in any sporting events around the world, you will for sure find a crowd of Samoans waving their flags and one person would be leading the group in song as they cheer on the team.


According to Revelation 19, part of the call of God upon every Christian while we are here on this earth is to praise and worship the Lord!  In fact, when we depart this world and go unto the next, we will still be praising and worshipping the Lord!


Revelation 19:4-5 (NIV)

The twenty-four elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God, who was seated on the throne. And they cried: “Amen, Hallelujah!”

Then a voice came from the throne, saying:

“Praise our God, all you his servants, you who fear him, both great and small!”


Praise and worship is of such value and significance that every single one of us will be doing this throughout all of eternity.





It is a celebration of who God is and what He has done in our lives.


It can be easy in our busy, fast-paced, always-on-the-go lifestyles to FORGET the goodness of God and how faithful He is towards us. That’s why it’s important to sing.


Singing unto the Lord shifts our focus. It shifts it away from ourselves and our current circumstances and unto the One who should always be the focus of our lives.  It involves us laying down our lives and humbling ourselves to acknowledge that there is One who is far greater than us and who is worthy of our adoration and devotion.


Singing unto the Lord is an act of love.  It is a declaration unto God that we wholeheartedly put Him first and foremost in our lives.




All the time!


In good times we praise the Lord. We give praise for we know that He is good and He is worthy to be exalted.


In bad times, we praise the Lord.  We give praise for we know that He is good and His goodness will enable us to go through any situation and come out triumphant, regardless of the circumstances.


When do we praise and worship?  As long as we are breathing we should be singing the praises of HIM who is worthy to be worshipped and glorified.


Today, please ensure you set aside a specific time to praise and worship Him.


Focus on God and pour out your love to Him.



Photo of Fina Tapusoa

Fina Tapusoa
GoChurch Bradford