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Divine Opportunities

03 July 2020

Text reads 'Dvine opportunity'

Acts 16:13-15 The Passion Translation (TPT)

13 When the Sabbath day came, we went outside the gates of the city to the nearby river, for there appeared to be a house of prayer and worship there. Sitting on the riverbank we struck up a conversation with some of the women who had gathered there. 14 One of them was Lydia, a businesswoman from the city of Thyatira who was a dealer of exquisite purple cloth and a Jewish convert. While Paul shared the good news with her, God opened her heart to receive Paul’s message. 15 She devoted herself to the Lord, and we baptized her and her entire family. Afterward she urged us to stay in her home, saying, “Since I am now a believer in the Lord, come and stay in my house.” So, we were persuaded to stay there.


The World tells us that if we run faster, work harder and push just a little more, we will be a success in life. However, God’s Word shows us that He brings divine opportunities that lead to true fulfillment in life.


You may not know where all the great opportunities are, but God does. He knows where you need to be, when you should be there and what you need to be doing to be truly fulfilled!


He did this for Paul, Silas and Timothy! Paul and his team were traveling through the region of Philippi when they met a well-known businesswoman named Lydia. As she listened to Paul, her heart was softened. Lydia had the honor of being the first European believer.


Both Paul & Lydia’s steps were ordered by God. For Lydia this meant salvation for her and her family. For Paul and his team, Lydia’s profitable business provided for Paul and his team as they ministered throughout Europe.


We as believers have experienced the moment when you knew that it could only have been Gods orchestration that put you at the right place at the right time! He gives us these opportunities not just for our advancement but for His plans and purposes to be accomplished.


Today, God wants you to know that because you have said, “Jesus, You are My Lord,” He is your God of divine opportunities. He is placing you in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, so you can turn His divine opportunities into amazing adventures!






Day 188 – 6th July

Acts 13:24-52


Paul & Barnabus were facing impossible situations in the natural. Let’s laugh at the face of our impossibilities we are facing with a laugh of faith!! Let’s laugh out loud right in the middle of it!



Day 189 – 7th July

Acts 14


In the midst of all the turmoil that was happening Paul saw a crippled man and walked straight up to him declaring his body to be healed! The man immediately jumped up and walked as if he’d walked all his life. This man’s sorrow was turned into dancing.


Declare the Word over your body, your loved one’s bodies, over someone you know who needs healing today. Let’s rejoice and thank God together for the wonderful health that Jesus gave to us! Watch Him turn your mourning into dancing!



Day 190 – 8th July

Acts 15:1-21


When Paul & Barnabus were sent out they encountered people who had never heard this good news. They came back reporting this to the church and great rejoicing would take place.


“Report” to a friend in church about someone you have told, or are telling, the good news to.



Day 191 – 9th July

Acts 15:22-41


Judas and Silas strengthened the church with courage and hope. Please strengthen someone with a word of courage and hope today.



Day 192 – 10th July

Acts 16:1-15


Lydia is one of my many favourite women in the Bible! She is considered the first European convert. As a business woman she basically funded the gospel as it went all over Europe through Paul’s ministry. Wowwwww!


Today, see with the eyes of your heart the people that you are reaching and the works you are a part of.



Day 193 – 11th July

Acts 16:16-40


Paul & Silas were in a predicament. They opened their mouths in the midnight hour breaking the chains that held them. They rejoiced at an unusual time!!


Joy is a demonstration of your expectation!! An expectation of your Victory.


Let’s open our mouths today and rejoice in demonstration of our expectation!



Day 194 – 12th July

Acts 17:1-15


Whatever you are believing for let’s add some rejoicing in the middle of our believing today! Joy opens the door to receive!

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