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Are you teachable?

10 July 2020

Hey can I ask you a question? It’s a question that I actually ask myself all the time: Are you teachable? Truth be told, when I ask myself this question, sometimes the answer I hear can be challenging to me!


The word ‘teachable’ means: able to learn by being taught by another.


It’s different from learning. Learning speaks much more of you individually going to a source to gain knowledge. Think of going to do an individual study session at the library.


While being teachable speaks of someone else imparting and/or speaking into your life, and you having to humble yourself and receive it.


It’s quite a significant difference really. Some people are willing to learn, but they aren’t willing to be taught. So, I ask you again?


Are you teachable?


Do you despise it when others tell you what they think you should do?

Do you seek instruction from others?

Do you desire to learn from others so their knowledge invested in you can lead you to be a better person, a person of wisdom?


In Acts 18 we see an example of a man who was teachable. His name was Apollos. The Bible says he was an eloquent man and mighty in the scriptures and that he has been preaching and speaking publicly but in verse 26 we see:


So, he began to speak boldly in the synagogue. When Aquila and Priscilla heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately.


Apollos had already been preaching when ‘others’ came into his life and told him that in certain areas of his preaching he was inaccurate! WOW! What a blow to a man’s ego!


If Apollo was prideful, he could have got all defensive, and put on that “How dare you? Do you know who I am” attitude, but you know what, he was teachable. He humbled himself and made the adjustment!


We all have a choice: Will we be humble and open to being taught or will we live in prideful denial? Will you be teachable or unreachable? God is for you, and he’ll support you as you learn new things. And like a child growing to maturity, you can keep learning. That’s God’s desire for your life.


Are you teachable?






DAY 195


Modern day idolatry doesn’t look like it did in Paul’s day and age but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. How do you know if someone/something has become an idol in your life?


DAY 196


Aquila and his wife Priscilla are forced to flee from Rome due to persecution. They are then in the right place at the right time to minister to Apollo.


Can you think of an example in your life when God used a bad situation and made something good out of it?


DAY 197


An aspect of Holy Spirit filled believers is their boldness (verse 8) to ‘speak’. List a positive experience when you shared a message with Holy Spirit boldness. Has every time you spoke with ‘Holy Spirit’ boldness been well received?


DAY 198


Looking at v32, can you think of any modern examples where there has been a crowd of people and most of those people don’t know why they are there? Have you ever been one of those people?


DAY 199


In Acts 20:1-2 we see Paul as an encourager. He connected with people and spoke words that built people up and brought confidence, hope and support. Who in your life is your encourager? Who will you encourage today?


DAY 200


How important is it to take care of yourself spiritually before you take care of others (v28)? How can we practically take care of ourselves spiritually?


DAY 201


Has there been a time in your life when you had to leave people whom you love, knowing that you might not see them again? How did you cope with that?

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