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Fully Committed

17 July 2020

The Apostle Paul in the book of Acts always fascinates me. You can say that he wasn’t someone who does things half-heartedly.


He was a bright man from Tarsus who had the best upbringing. A Roman citizen and a student of the vaunted teacher Gamaliel who was trained in the best Jewish schools.


He was bent on the destruction of the believers of Jesus until his conversion on his way to Damascus, where he met the Lord Jesus and his life made a complete turnaround. The Lord had a different plan for his life and he was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.


Paul was fully committed to the call of God on his life. He had an “All or Nothing” approach to spreading the word wherever he went. That’s the way God wants us to be. His desire is for us to be fully committed to him so that those around us can see how important He is to us.


If you love something or someone you will commit your time and heart to that thing or person. If you love the work you’re doing, you will commit yourself to it. If your spouse is important, you will commit yourself to them. Whatever is important to you, you will commit yourself to it or them.


Your Father desires your commitment to Him. It shows the people around you, yourself and Him that HE is important to you. He doesn’t really do half-hearted! He never has and never will. How would you feel if someone you love is only half-hearted towards you?


When we’re FULLY COMMITTED to God, it greatly determines the direction of our life.


Right now, your life is the sum of your previous commitments!


If you are a lawyer or doctor today – it is because you committed to long hours of study. If you are physically fit and strong today – it is because you committed to exercise and eating healthy. If you are in a great marriage – it is because you committed to be with someone through all the exciting times and also challenges of a relationship.


When we are fully committed to God, we become the people that He always intended for us to be.


“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Jeremiah 1:5


How can we be fully committed? We love God first above our spouses, children, jobs, personal dreams and goals. We put him above all others.


Let’s be FULLY COMMITTED to God.






Monday 20th July

Acts 21:15-40

  • “And when they heard it they glorified God.” Let’s give GLORY TO GOD today, after all isn’t He worth it! Can you GLORIFY HIM today?


Tuesday 21st July

Acts 22:1-30

  • The first half of this chapter is Paul’s defence. What can you see about his life from this?


Wednesday 22nd July

Acts 23:1-11

  • “ Be of Good Cheer “ Leave a message that encourages your GoChurch family? Let’s be of good cheer !


Thursday 23rd July

Acts 23:12-35

  • A lot of action happening in today’s reading. What insight can you share?


Friday 24th July

Acts 24:1-27

  • Paul responds to being accused (v10 – 21). If you were in Paul’s place, would you have responded differently? Why? Why not?



Saturday 25th July

Acts 25:1-27

  • Paul replied with such a bold statement in verse 11. Our words are so powerful they bring life or death according to the Bible. What would be a faith declaration you can make over yourself today!


Sunday 26th July

Acts 26:1-32

  • Paul was always ready to testify (verses 12-20). If the opportunity arises for you to testify today about what Jesus has done in your life, would you be ready?

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