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Heaven And The Lamb

12 December 2021

A door opening in the blue sky

One of the things that stood out for me in this week’s readings is the description of Heaven by John. The way I would describe Heaven is a place of eternal dwelling, the place where we have our spiritual citizenship. Heaven can be described as a better place to our earth, a sanctuary, a place of true tabernacle and a place where God abodes. When you go to Heaven what is one thing you are looking forward to seeing or saying?


Heaven plays a significant role in the life of Christians. It is a place that we long to be, the place of peace.  Faith is the key, we believe that there is a Heaven. Through faith, we are saved and that applies to everything we do, be it healing or prosperity. I believe that as we walk on this earth, we can have a glimpse (sight/vision) of what Heaven is like, this can happen during prayer or worship. 


This is exactly what happened to John in Revelation 4. We read that he was transported through a vision, and a door was opened in heaven. How amazing it is that he was on the earth and yet he was in Heaven at the same time! This to me is a fascinating thing. To me it is showing us Christians that we might be on earth, but we do not belong to this world, where we belong is in Heaven. As born-again Christians, we can be assured that Heaven is our home. 


The second thing that I found interesting was the description of the lamb and the role he plays. The imagery of the Lamb of God to me shows both the sacrificial and redemptive side. I think it is quite amazing that there seems to be a fulfilment and the embodiment of the Old Testament, just by the mentioning of this in the book of Revelation. Throughout the Bible you will always see a reference to the Lamb, be it as a sacrifice or offering. When I look at the Lamb, I see the pureness and love that is given to us Christians.  There is deliverance, and victory that is always associated with the Lamb of God. 


We must acknowledge that we were given the best gift which is Christ, the Lamb of God. Christmas is a time when the rest of the world buys gifts but to us, we have the best Lamb that was given as the redemptive gift to the world. Now, I want to challenge you, what gift are you going to give this Christmas. Will your gift bring someone closer to Heaven and the Lamb? 


So, as you are about to read these chapters think of Heaven and the Lamb of God.


Tamuka Mangwaira
GoChurch Bradford