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I forgive you

24 April 2020

I forgive you. This is a short yet powerful sentence. FORGIVE is such a powerful word.


Have you ever had someone say that to you? I forgive you.
Have you ever had to say that to someone? I forgive you.


The truth is, because of the world that we live in, the people around us, and the fact that we are still growing and developing as a people, there will always be the need to both receive and offer forgiveness.


We are called Christians, aka “followers” of Christ.


Jesus modelled the perfect life when he lived here on earth. One of the most amazing characteristics that He showed was the capability to forgive.


In Luke 23:34 “Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” And they divided His garments and cast lots.”


Jesus is on the cross, looking at the people who are persecuting him. The same people who have put nails through his hands and feet, whipped His back, beaten him up, hammered a crown of thorns into his head (in fact by this time the Bible says that physically he was barely recognisable) and he said Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do.


What an example to us all. I heard a statement that’s impacted me:


“There are two primary ways to show love. “To Give and to Forgive”.


Why should we forgive?
1/ It helps us move forward in life and not trapping us in the past!
2/ It removes anger, bitterness and malice from our heart.
3/ It releases us from a “victim mentality”.
4/ It allows our faith to be released. Unforgiveness hinders/stops our faith!


How do we forgive?
1/ Decide: make a decision beforehand that you will always forgive.
2/ Realise: that forgiveness isn’t based on how you feel.
3/ Look to the Holy Spirit: ask the Lord’s help.
4/ Go ahead and do it!


Today let’s be effective followers of Christ. A people after God’s heart. Showing and walking in the love of God towards others. A people who aren’t easily offended but quick to forgive.





Day 118

Luke 21:1-19

Jesus says that the poor widow gave more than all put together. What in God’s eyes determines the value of a gift?



Day 119

Luke 21: 20-38

What are the 3 warnings given in verses 34-38 in how we ought to live in the last days?



Day 120

Luke 22:1-30

Think about how Jesus must have felt to be betrayed. How has God helped you when you’ve felt betrayed by someone?



Day 121

Luke 22:31-53

Jesus prayed that Peter would be strengthened in his faith when Satan comes to sift him as wheat. Would you share a key moment when you needed strengthening in your faith and how you came through?



Day 122

Luke 22:54-71

Verse 54 says that Jesus was arrested and was led to the High Priest’ house but Peter followed at a distance. Why do you think he distanced himself at this critical moment where he could make a proper stand for Jesus?



Day 123

Luke 23:1-26

Verse 14 Says that Pilate found no fault in Jesus, indeed nothing worthy of death has been done by him. Have you been in a situation where you were falsely accused of doing wrong and what did you do?



Day 124

Luke 23:27-38

Even through torture, suffering and pain, Jesus’ heart of love for his executioners can be seen. He prayed to his father for their forgiveness. Is there someone in your life that needs your forgiveness?

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