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Refuse To Ever Doubt God

29 January 2021

The word 'Doubts' is being erased by a rubber on the end of a pencil

Doubt. It’s something that has to be rubbed out of our lives.


Today I want to challenge you. REFUSE TO EVER DOUBT GOD!


The word doubt means:  

  • to call into question the truth of  
  • to be uncertain about 
  • to lack confidence in 
  • to distrust


As it pertains to God, we should NEVER EVER call into question, be uncertain about, lack confidence in or distrust HIM!


Doubt has negative consequences.

It causes us to make the wrong decisions in life. And severely limits what God can do in and through us.


There’s a passage in the Bible from Matthew 21:21 which says …

 “if YOU have faith and DO NOT DOUBT you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also SAY TO THIS MOUNTAIN, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea’, IT WILL BE DONE!”


If you’re a Christian, the power of God is available to you. It is a power which moves mountains, heals the sick, raises the dead, opens the eyes of the blind, stops the sun from moving, causes a sea to part and changes every situation and circumstance.


That power has no limits, for God is not limited.


We access that power when we put our faith in Him. Faith is the key to which we open the door of endless possibilities with God.


We lose access to that power when we doubt Him. Doubt stops us from taking the key of faith and opening that door.


Should we ever doubt God?

There is actually no valid reason, as far as I can see, to EVER doubt God.

Here are some reasons why we can be assured in our trust in Him.  


1/ He cannot lie

He can only speak the truth. When He makes a promise, He won’t let go of them until they are fulfilled.


2/ He is love  

It so easy to trust someone who absolutely adores and cares for you personally.


3/ He knows everything

God knows everything about every situation. God is a know it all. I’ve met some people who tried to convey that they were a “know it all” but He actually is a “know it all”.


4/ He is of impeccable character and integrity.

He is perfect, in all his ways, He is perfect.


Feed your faith, starve your doubts

I don’t know where you are at in your life of faith. You might actually be losing grip of faith and starting that destructive slide into doubt!  If you are, stop that slide by feeding your faith.


Get into the Bible! Listen to it every day. Approach it with humility and respect. Accept it as God’s very own word.

I learnt in Rhema Bible College that the Bible is God speaking to me. When you approach the Word with that heart attitude, faith will arise in you.


And when faith arises in your heart, doubt will be rubbed out of your life!

You are a warrior of God, called to live a life of faith and to see His power manifest in and through you.



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Mathew Tapusoa
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