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What Is Truth

05 March 2021

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We live in an age of a multitude of voices. 


We live in the age of the internet. It has brought such a dramatic escalation in the

“voices” that we get to hear. In fact, for one single website alone (YouTube) 500 hours of brand-new content is uploaded every single minute! 


We are also living in a time of “fake news”. Sometimes completely contradictory messages are put before us on social media, TV, internet blogs etc.


There are so many voices out there. All of them clamouring for our attention. What they proclaim may be poles apart, yet they all pronounce the same message. That message is, that they are telling the truth. This can create an uproar in our hearts and minds with their insistence that they are “truth”.


Some of them, even pronounce with boldness that there is no such thing as truth, and then promptly proceed to tell you that what they say, is true! Think upon that one if you may.


But what is truth to a Christian?


In this age of ever-increasing voices, I believe that it’s important that we settle in our hearts and minds once and for all, that the BIBLE is our standard of truth. That we be FIRMLY CONVICED that the BIBLE is truth.


I also believe that it is vitally necessary for us to KNOW THE TRUTH.


Jesus in Mathew 22:29 said, “Your mistake is that you don’t know the scriptures”. Now Jesus was actually saying this to a group of men, who as part of their profession, studied the scriptures. It’s possible to study the bible, listen to it every day and it doesn’t become truth to you. It never really becomes real to you.


How does the bible become truth to you?

It becomes truth when we:


  1. Approach it as Gods very own word.

            When we read it, we have the understanding that this is God speaking to me.


  1. We pray and ask for God to reveal the bible to us, to make it alive unto us.

There is a wonderful portion of scripture in Ephesians 1:17-21 that I like to pray so that God opens up the Bible to me when I read it.


Why is it important for the bible to become truth?

Freedom, in a nutshell, this is why! Receiving the Word of God into our hearts as the truth, and then applying that truth results in our freedom.


One of the descriptions of freedom is “the state of NOT being imprisoned or enslaved”.

That’s exactly how God wants us to live our lives.


He does not want us to be captives or oppressed, but to live in the freedom that Jesus died and rose from the grave to give to us!


What freedom do we have when the bible becomes our truth?

Below are just some of, not the entirety of, but some of the freedoms that God’s word brings us.


Peace - We become free from worry and anxiety

One of the greatest desires that people have is peace. You may have all the material things of this world, but if you don’t have peace, life is really going to be a struggle.


Worry and anxiety will only cause negative effects in our lives and do not solve any of the issues that we face, but when we take the bible as our truth, we can have the peace that Jesus promised to His disciples, and that’s the peace of God.


Direction - We become free from lack of purpose and guidance  

When we read and heed the word, it shows us where to go, what to say, and how to make decisions. His Word also reveals when we’re heading in the wrong direction and warns us of the consequences of continuing down that path.


Wisdom - We become free from ignorance, thoughtlessness and lunacy

 “The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple”


The bible contains the thoughts of God. It guards our way and warns us of danger. Enabling us to distinguish right from wrong. Providing the means for us to have God’s foresight, experience and knowledge.


Joy – We become free from despair and depression

Taking the bible as our truth brings joy! This is an aspect of God’s word that I do so love. God’s word brings joy! When we are facing tough situations and possible discouragement, our first response should be to open the Scriptures.


God’s word is Truth. It’s always good. It always liberates. It’s always worth embracing, celebrating, and proclaiming. 


What can we say is truth in this age of a multitude of voices?


The BIBLE is truth! Always remember that.

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Fina Tapusoa
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