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12 March 2021

Our readings this week cover the end of Mark and the first chapter of Luke. As I have read these the theme of “words” really stood out to me.


  1. God doesn’t want us to stay silent when asked about our faith.

Mark 14:72

Peter went right in to the Chief Priest’s courtyard, he didn’t linger at the entrance way, he was bold enough to sit by the fire with the guards.Yet, he didn’t speak out.Got me thinking about all the different places that we have been given access – work, school, university, clubs, the street we live on.Do the people around you know that you are a Christian?If not, what is holding you back from being open about your belief?What needs to change in your life so that you will speak out or not hide your belief?


  1. Silence can be a good defence.

Mark 15:5

For a number of years, I have been using some discipleship questions from John Wesley’s Holy Club.One of these is “Am I self-justifying?”Ouch! Do I always come up with a reason why I am late, haven’t done the work, got angry, etc?There are so many different areas where we self-justify? What would happen if we offered no defence?


Sometimes offering an excuse is self-justifying our mistake instead of owning up to what we have done wrong.Was I really late because I was stuck behind a slow lorry, or was I late because I didn’t allow enough time in case I was stuck behind a slow lorry?


Sometimes, as in Jesus’ situation, to have responded could have been more antagonistic.He stayed silent, He knew that He was on God’s mission and that offering a defence would make no difference to Him following His Father’s plan.


  1. It is done!


At the very moment that Jesus died the curtain to the Holy of Holies was torn in two. No man could have torn this curtain.It was thick, heavy and nearly 60 feet tall!God’s statement right in the centre of the temple!! At the moment of Jesus’ death, right then, you and I were given access to the Holy of Holies, the sacrifice for our sins was paid.


  1. Go into all the world and preach the gospel

Mark 16:15

Speak out, declare, talk about, share, give testimony, encourage – just Go!


  1. And give an orderly account

Luke 1:3

Don’t exaggerate, don’t make up anything, don’t tell a half story.Find out exactly what happened, discover from others the wonderful encounters and add them to your catalogue of testimonies to share.


  1. Don’t speak words of unbelief!

Luke 1:20 and Luke 1:45

Take every wrong thought captive – that includes thoughts of unbelief.Your God is a faithful God.Hold on in faith even if that’s a cry of “help me overcome my unbelief” – see Mark 9:24. God silenced Zechariah’s unbelief, Mary’s faith was on display for others to see.


  1. Prophecy over your children

Luke 1:76-79

Speak words of life, hope and encouragement over your children, your godchildren, your nieces and nephews, or the children in your church.


Our words, including sometimes being silent, are really important.


I pray that your words this week are peppered with scripture, are full of life, that encourage others and are full of truth.

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