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What Is Your Passion?

28 August 2022

Have you ever found yourself being committed to some things more than others?


In the book of Acts, we learn how persevering Paul was in speaking to people about the gospel, despite all the difficulties he faced.  He did not only speak the Word and told them about Jesus and all the amazing things they can have and do in Him and through Him, but Paul made sure that those who heard the Word kept being encouraged.  He wanted to make sure that they were staying strong in the Lord. (Acts 14:21-22)


Why do you think he did that?  Why didn’t he just spread the good news and move on?  Why did he endure all the maltreatment for his faith, all the beatings, the imprisonment?  He persevered because he was passionate about God, he was passionate about Jesus and he was passionate about people. 


Paul wanted people to live in the freedom that comes with salvation.  He made sure he told people about all the miracles God did and all His faithfulness.  He made sure people heard that because Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected from the dead, they (and we!) can have eternal life.  And he didn’t think twice about the consequences because he knew God was with him, and he knew he was doing what he was called to do.


Perseverance comes from commitment.  Commitment is driven by what is important to you.  A few years ago, I heard someone say that if someone forgets about something, that something was not important to them.  That has stuck with me ever since and I regularly do a heart check, especially when I miss something. 


I ask myself what my priorities are, for example: 

What is important to me? 

Do my actions/behaviour at home, work and the school gates show that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour? 

Do I think of other’s needs more than I think of my own? 


When something/someone is important to us, we like to go the extra mile.  We like to show that we care, we do things with joy and wholeheartedness.


Not all of us are Paul, an evangelist, a teacher, a great speaker…but all of us can use our passions to bring glory to God.


What are your passions?

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